Top 10 Best Pool Floats for Summer 2018

Top 10 Best Pool Floats for Summer 2018

Top 10 Best Pool Floats for Summer 2018

2017 was all about the pool float and 2018 is no different! We saw a lot of swans last year. First white, then black, all of them cute. Although we still love the classic swan, this year we have a chance to branch out. There are so many great options to choose from; colorful floats, food-related floats, animal-related floats - you name it, it's probably out there. I spent some time scouring the internet to find the cutest, most affordable, and highly rated pool floats so you don't have to. Some of these are may be slightly more than you'd like to pay for a pool float, but if you go really cheap with pool floats they'll likely pop really quickly and where's the fun in that? Here are the Toasty recommended pool floats, plus their Perfect Toasty Swimwear Pair. Think of it like a food and wine pairing, but with swimsuits and pool floats (food and wine optional). 

1. Rainbow Pool Float

We used a yellow and pink version of this float for the Toasty Swimwear Spring 2018 collection photoshoot and I'm obsessed! It's so colorful and fun, yet it has a classic vibe. Plus, it's huge. Like bring out the air compressor huge, because you'll probably get lightheaded blowing it up. And, with eight different colors it's bound to match whatever suit you're wearing. 

Perfect Toasty Swimwear Pair: The Simone Sporty Grey Bikini


2. Watermelon Pool Float

There are few things more symbolic of summertime than watermelon. This float props you up fully out of the water so you can enjoy a slice of watermelon (or five) while floating on your watermelon! 

Perfect Toasty Swimwear Pair: The Emma Black Knotted One Piece Swimsuit 

3. Sunflower Pool Float

This pool float just makes me happy. There's something about sunflowers that brings a smile to your face, and it really seems like a no brainer including it in the top pool float list. 

Perfect Toasty Swimwear Pair:  The Tiffany Olive Lace-Up High Cut One Piece Swimsuit 

Sunflower Pool Float

4. Heart Pool Float

Nothing will make you feel the positive vibes more than these heart shaped floats. You can find it in pink too so it's the perfect excuse to buy one for you and one for a friend or your honey. 

Perfect Toasty Swimwear Pair: The Meghan Navy High-Waisted Bikini

5. Sink or Swim Pool Float

This float is super understated in it's color and shape. It's simple yet still a statement piece with it's bold lettering. They really nailed the quiet-cool look and I am fully on board with it. 

Perfect Toasty Swimwear Pair: The Ashley Side Lattice Rust One Piece Swimsuit

Sink or Swim Pool Flat

6. Double Cherry Two-Person Pool Float

Have you ever held on to somebody else's float so you don't drift apart (No? Just me?) This float solves that issue! Never do you have to be a solo floater again. 

Perfect Toasty Swimwear Pair: The Ava Black Bikini

Double Cherry Two-Person Pool Float

7. Flamingo Pool Float

First off, this thing is massive. So massive in fact, they're calling it an "island". Secondly, it's so cute and at $30.00, it's really quite a good deal. It's similar to the swan, but in my opinion even better. 

Perfect Toasty Swimwear Pair: The Michelle Nude High-Waisted Bikini

Flamingo Pool Float

8. Baseball Glove Pool Float

For many people, when you think of summer you think of baseball. This pool float is perfect for those baseball lovers. The shape of it also happens to be the ideal shape to cradle you, so it's extra comfy.

Perfect Toasty Swimwear Pair: The Sonia Knotted Two Piece Bikini

Baseball Glove Pool Float

9. Gold Pool Float

This pool float is really simple but seriously glamorous. You really can't go wrong with the classic shaped pool float and the color is the perfect compliment to your sun-kissed skin (but not too sun-kissed, because we're wearing sunscreen and protecting our skin, right?)

Perfect Toasty Swimwear Pair: The Gabrielle Wine Halter One Piece Swimsuit


Gold Pool Float

10. Pineapple Pool Float

You didn't think I'd put together a whole list and not include a pineapple did you? It's the cutest of all the fruits and coincidentally is the perfect shape for a person to lay on. 

Perfect Toasty Swimwear Pair: The Serena Lavender Bikini



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